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None of our staff speaks English.

We are not available to respond to questions or requests.

Please use the service only if you can read and follow the rules.

You can choose to view the reservation system in English.

About MIMAMORU Partners

Using ZOOM, one partner keeps an eye on six users as they perform their tasks for 25 minutes at a time.

The six-to-one, 25-minute one-session is called a 'class'.

The partners are foreigners and the pressure to be watched is moderate. Let's work on your own task.

And since there are up to five other users, you won't feel lonely, and you won't be alone. And be encouraged.

If you don't concentrate for more than 5 minutes, you will be alerted.

Even though your partner has a fixed screen, it's a little embarrassing to have someone else see you being warned, so give your full concentration for 25 minutes.

The fee is 1500 yen (1500 points) for 10 classes to be 150 yen for 25 minutes.

College exams, qualifying exams, competitions, deadlines, etc. 'Absolutely, definitely must be done! If you don't do it now, you're in big trouble! But we also offer one-on-one sessions for those times when anxiety or other factors prevent you from focusing.

We will support you to work as hard as you feel you need to. But, don't take it too hard.


6 to 1

25 minutes, 1 class, 150 points, 250 yen plus tax

Due to settlement fees, it is recommended to purchase 10 times or more, as purchasing only one time is more expensive.

25 minutes

10 classes 1500 points 1500 yen plus tax

20 classes 3000 points 3000 yen plus tax

30 classes 4500 points 4500 yen plus tax

40 classes 6000 points 6000 yen plus tax 

One to one 

55 minutes 

1 class 900 points, 1000 yen plus tax

5 classes 4500 points 4500 yen plus tax

10 classes 9000 points 9000 yen plus tax

20 classes 18,000 points 18,000 yen plus tax

(No Japanese consumption tax is charged for purchase from abroad.

How to use

(1) Select your desired class and register. You can choose English.

(2) You can purchase points at the point shop. You can try one free class for the first 150 points.

(3) You can choose the class at the time of your choice and make a reservation.

Please use the same name as ZOOM to make a reservation.You can book up to two months in advance.

You can cancel up to 12 hours before the time of the class.

Cancellations will result in the conversion of your points. Please do not cancel in large quantities.

You can reserve up to 5 minutes before the lesson start time.


(4) Five minutes before the reservation time, the URL for ZOOM participants will appear on the reservation page.

(5) Open ZOOM and fill in your work number.

1, Study (to mute, it is okay if you can see the person teaching)

2, Exercise (stretching, muscle training, exercise, etc.)

3, Drawing

4, PC and other desk work

5, Musical instrument practice

6, Other work  

  • You can have up to two people on the screen. It is up to partner to decide which of them he/she sees.

  • If you leave your seat to go to the restroom, please write it down or show a tag in the chat room and leave.

  • Arrange the video in such a way that no personal information or anything else you don't want to be shown in the video will appear in advance.

  • Please get consent before allowing a child or a third party to watch.

  • Children of elementary school age or younger are not eligible for this service. If something happens, we will not be able to report it because the partners are from overseas.


If you don't concentrate for more than 3 to 5 minutes, your partner will ask you what's going on in the chat room.

Let's bail lightly and resume. If you leave for the bathroom, write a note on a piece of paper to be seen by the camera and leave.

At the end of class, there will be no announcements, so if you are able to continue, please continue.

Please understand that the Philippines is located in a place where many typhoons are born, so it is hit by typhoons that are incomparable to Japan.

Also, the electricity is not nuclear, so it is more unstable than in Japan.

There are rare instances of power outages.

Please register by accepting the terms and conditions.


The Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "THE TERMS OF USE") apply to the guardianship services and accompanying services (hereinafter referred to as "THE SERVICE") provided by Mimamoru Partners (hereinafter referred to as "MIMAMORU PARTNERS") to the user (hereinafter referred to as "THE SERVICE"). This agreement sets forth the rules for the use of the service by users (hereinafter referred to as "THE USER").

By applying for THE SERVICE, users are deemed to have agreed to THE TERMS OF USE.


Article 1 (Purpose of THE TERMS OF USE)

THE USER will comply with THE TERMS OF USE when using THE SERVICE in good faith.


Article 2 (Modification of THE TERMS OF USE)

MIMAMORU PARTNERS may make changes to THE TERMS OF USE from time to time without the approval of THE USER. In this case, the terms of use of THE SERVICE will be governed by the revised terms of use.


Unless otherwise specified by MIMAMORU PARTNERS, changes to THE TERMS OF USE shall take effect from the time they are posted online.


Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1 and the preceding paragraph, in the event that a change in THE TERMS OF USE would have a significant impact on THE USER, MIMAMORU PARTNERS shall notify THE USER of such change by email, and THE USER's use of THE SERVICE after such notification shall be deemed to constitute THE USER's acceptance of the change in THE TERMS OF USE.


Article 3 (User Registration)

Those wishing to use THE SERVICE shall install the free telephone software (Zoom) and shall register for the service in accordance with the method prescribed by MIMAMORU PARTNERS.


Upon registration, please confirm that your communication environment is suitable for the use of the service.


You will be deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions of THE TERMS OF USE at the time you register with MIMAMORU PARTNERS (including those who have registered on a temporary basis for the purpose of registration).


Each person may only register once, and each person may only use the service once during the free trial period. If the free trial period is found to have been abused by more than one person, MIMAMORU PARTNERS will charge THE USER for damages, and THE USER will be required to pay for them.


Article 4 (Disapproval of Registration)

MIMAMORU PARTNERS may not approve the registration of a person who wishes to register as a user of THE SERVICE if any of the following conditions are met

(1) If an existing registrant attempts to register under a different name.

(2) If there is any falsity, error or omission in the information declared on the application for membership.

(3) If there is a risk of interfering with the smooth operation of THE SERVICE.

(4) If he/she has been expelled from MIMAMORU PARTNERS in the past.

(5) If MIMAMORU PARTNERS determines that he/she is unsuitable for membership for any reason other than the above.


Article 5 (Date of Commencement of Use)

The date that THE SERVICE begins to be used is the date MIMAMORU PARTNERS notifies the registrant of the completion of registration by e-mail.


Article 6 (Deadline for Providing THE SERVICE)

THE SERVICE offer does not expire; however, MIMAMORU PARTNERS may delete THE USER's registration information without prior notice if the lesson has not been booked for more than 6 months.


Article 7 (Refund)

MIMAMORU PARTNERS will not refund points that have been purchased by THE USER, regardless of whether the points have been used or not, and MIMAMORU PARTNERS reserves the right not to refund the points. The same is true in the event that THE USER is unable to use THE SERVICE due to a malfunction in the user's communication environment, communication connection, communication software, or connection status.


Article 8 (Lesson Details)

THE USER purchases points from THE SERVICE either by bank transfer or credit card, and THE USER shall spend the points at the time the lesson is booked.


If THE USER requests a cancellation of a lesson booked by THE USER through the cancellation form, MIMAMORU PARTNERS will return the points to THE USER within the time limit set by MIMAMORU PARTNERS in advance.


In the event that a partner fails to attend a class due to a special reason on the part of the partner, or in the event that a class is faulty due to a problem caused by MIMAMORU PARTNERS, MIMAMORU PARTNERS shall refund points to THE USER commensurate with the degree of the situation as defined by MIMAMORU PARTNERS.


THE USER shall confirm the details of the lesson availability, lesson times and fees on MIMAMORU PARTNERS' website.


If THE USER is late in starting a lesson, MIMAMORU PARTNERS reserves the right to terminate the lesson on time. In such cases, MIMAMORU PARTNERS will not refund any points.


Payment by credit card is to be made by the company designated by MIMAMORU PARTNERS as the payment processor.


Before allowing a child or other third party to watch, you must obtain their consent.

The user must be at least 7 years old. Children under the age of seven (7) years old, animals and plants are not eligible.


Article 9 (Deregistration)

MIMAMORU PARTNERS reserves the right to refuse to use THE SERVICE and to terminate the user's registration without notice to THE USER if any of the following apply to the user

(1) The user is identified as a gangster, gangster member, gang-related company or organization, or its related parties, or other antisocial forces.

(2) If a person uses threatening words or actions or violence in connection with transactions with MIMAMORU PARTNERS, or damages the reputation of MIMAMORU PARTNERS or interferes with MIMAMORU PARTNERS's business by spreading rumors or using false plans or force, or commits any other similar act.

(3) commits violent acts of demand or asks for more than reasonable burdens on employees of MIMAMORU PARTNERS or other related parties.

(4) Criminal acts or acts against public order and morals

(5) Transmitting information that contains computer viruses or other harmful computer programs

(6) Violating the intellectual property rights, rights of publicity, rights of privacy, honor, or any other right or interest of MIMAMORU PARTNERS, its partners, or any third party.

(7) Prying into confidential information about THE SERVICE that is not generally disclosed by MIMAMORU PARTNERS, in addition to the terms and conditions of the partner's contract.

(8) Harassment, such as harassment of the partner or interfering with the progress of the lesson

(9) Any attempt by THE USER or its agents to have personal contact with the partner outside of the lesson time and in a manner not authorized by THE SERVICE.

(10) To use THE SERVICE for the same business acts, business purposes, and preparations as THE SERVICE.

(11) The use of a single account by multiple users.

(12) Soliciting partners to work for companies other than THE SERVICE or MIMAMORU PARTNERS.

(13) Any action that is threatening, obscene, indecent, immoral, abusive, or disgusting to other users, third parties, MIMAMORU PARTNERS or MIMAMORU PARTNERS staff or instructors.

(14) Any act of buying, selling, or having a financial interest in another user or third party in any way other than as authorized by MIMAMORU PARTNERS.

(15) Verbal abuse of MIMAMORU PARTNERS' customer support staff or any act that interferes with customer support operations.

(16) Voice recording or video recording the use of THE SERVICE to disclose to a third party without the MIMAMORU PARTNERS' permission.

(17) Any other actions that MIMAMORU PARTNERS deems inappropriate.


Article 10 (Disaster Management)

In the event that MIMAMORU PARTNERS is forced to suspend THE SERVICE due to a sudden system failure, domestic situation, natural disaster, or any other reason not attributable to MIMAMORU PARTNERS, MIMAMORU PARTNERS shall consult with THE USER to resolve the matter, such as by returning points or establishing a plan to resume lessons.


Article 11 (Scope of Liability)

In the event that MIMAMORU PARTNERS is unable to provide a lesson to THE USER for any reason attributable to MIMAMORU PARTNERS, MIMAMORU PARTNERS will return the points for that lesson to THE USER. MIMAMORU PARTNERS shall not be responsible for any other damage suffered by THE USER as a result of the lesson cancellation, even if the lesson cancellation is sudden and unexpected. However, this does not apply in the event that MIMAMORU PARTNERS is intentional or grossly negligent.


In the event that MIMAMORU PARTNERS determines that a lesson could not be taken due to the status of the user's communication device or connection, MIMAMORU PARTNERS will not return points to THE USER.


THE USER agrees not to infringe on the copyright or other rights of any third party in any files, videos, images, etc. that it sends or uploads to the partner, and that it will not cause any problems for MIMAMORU PARTNERS.


In the event that the site cannot be accessed due to a server connection failure, MIMAMORU PARTNERS shall make efforts to restore the site and shall not compensate THE USER for any loss of opportunity. However, this does not apply in the event that MIMAMORU PARTNERS has intentional or grossly negligent intent to cause a loss of access to the site.


Article 12 (Protection of Personal Information)

The personal information that MIMAMORU PARTNERS receives from THE USER will be used in accordance with MIMAMORU PARTNERS's privacy policy. This policy does not apply to personal information provided by THE USER to individual partners themselves.


Article 13 (Copyright and Proprietary Rights)

All trademarks, descriptions, and logos related to THE SERVICE are the property of MIMAMORU PARTNERS. THE USER is prohibited from using or redistributing them.


Article 14 (Exclusive Jurisdiction)

In the event that MIMAMORU PARTNERS and THE USER are required to litigate with each other, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive first instance jurisdiction over MIMAMORU PARTNERS and THE USER.

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